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RE: BG Process username setting

From: MacGregor, Ian A. <>
Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 02:05:52 -0700
Message-ID: <>

It is possible to do what you ask however it is not something you should = do.

Who needs to see the v$session view? Are they logged on with "connect = internal" or sys? If not, you can create a view along the lines of the = v_$session view in which you have a case statement which sets the value = of username if it is blank and the OS user is SYSTEM. You could then = have a public synonym, v$session, which points to this view.

The v$session view should not be made public. At one time the program = field would contain the username and password of a user under certain = conditions. Also, if you look at the plustrce.sql script in = $OH/sqlplus/admin in a new enough release , you will see that Oracle has = removed v$session as one of the views available to the plustrace role. = I think this happened as of

What do you mean by permanent? The x$tables, the bases for the v$views, = aren't database tables. They allow you to peek at parts of the SGA. = The x$table information is not stored in the database.

Now as far as the ORACLE_RECO_070316 goes, do you have any in doubt = distributed transactions? I think RECO is trying to resolve one these = but is having problems.=20

If you feel Oracle is showing something strange, you shouldn't try to = hide it, but find out what is causing it and fix it.

Ian MacGregor
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

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To: Onkar N Tiwary
Subject: Re: BG Process username setting

Only Steve Adams caliber know Oracle Internally, can't help you to = achieve your request...=20

  select nvl(username, 'My BG Process') Process from v$session;

  Thanx. But this will show My BG Process in place of blank username and = that too in the current session only. My requirement is to replace the = username permanently. Say whoever will check the v$session view will get = the specified username as the owner of that session. In other words = naming BG Process and the names will be permanent. =20   =20
  Can we do that?

  On 5/31/05, Oracle <> wrote:=20     select nvl(username, 'My BG Process') Process from v$session;

> hi all,
> I have got one doubt. Is it possible to set username for the =

> processes which is normally blank and osuser column contains value
> Why I am asking is because I have noticed that for some time my =

> showing a BG Process username as ORACLE_RECO_070316. I don know =
why its

> showing this?
> Can anyone put some light on this?
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> Thanks & Regards,
> T. Onkar Nath
> Ph : +91-9826728111(Cell)=20


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  Thanks & Regards,
  T. Onkar Nath
  Ph : +91-9826728111(Cell)

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