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Re: agility programming and DBA's?

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Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 14:25:26 +0000
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I talked to a guy one time who was consulting at a software company that had a really interesting process. They took the managers, stuck them in offices on one side of the floor.

Took 8 programmers and put them in a large cubicle. Desk in the middle. White boards on 3 walls. 2 programms in each corner. Each 'pair' of programmers worked on a different level. 2 html guys, 2 database guys, etc...Then they yell out when they have a problem and work together at the table. I would assume one of them is a team lead of some sort.

They felt the managers got in the way. Rather interesting process... he said it was pretty successful. It really increased communication and decreased rework(bug fixes... those kill time lines).

I am not that familiar with agile programming. I keep meaning to grab a book on it. I like the idea of continue and progressive unit testing as you go. I think its alot easier to debug in unit test phase then wait until you are running the whole application or module together and get the bugs out then. You spend alot of time spinning your wheels.

These processes have nothing to do with database independence at all. It's completely seperate concepts. -------------- Original message --------------

> Being a developer I can say that agile programming is nothing new,
> only a rebrand of some best practices. Some key point of agile
> programming are
> 1)unit test of waht you do
> 2)pair programming i.e. your work get reviewed by some other people
> Considering 1 and 2 I can think of Thomas Kyte as 'agile', I let you
> decide if programmer, dba or both
> Giovanni

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