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RE: Oracle on VMS?

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Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 11:49:06 -0500
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Your company is moving towards Oracle on VMS? This is a positive! Are they hiring?
[We are moving towards UNIX (HP-UX) and eventually (maybe) Linux.] Most of my experience with Oracle has been on VMS. We're still running on VMS; mostly Oracle on OpenVMS 7.3.

Navigating the directory structure in VMS is not difficult. The editors that come with VMS are robust, programmable, and feature-rich.
(Yes, I'm biased.)

Familiarity with something new takes time. Oracle will run just fine on VMS.

One thing that hasn't been mentioned is the disaster-tolerance that VMS is famous for.
Security is another.
(Here's a link to an article from ComputerWorld )

Yes, the port to VMS is last, or very close to it. On the other hand, I've heard some highly respected Oracle experts recommend not installing
any release of Oracle in production that doesn't end in 4. So far, I only see available.
That must mean 10G is almost ready for production? The companies that continue to use VMS tend to be pain-averse.
(Banks, hospitals, Security Exchanges, chip manufacturers [Intel?])

Support is there, but Oracle does not have many people who work on/support VMS.
As long as large corporations continue use of Oracle on OpenVMS, I think support will be there.

Nelson Petersen
(And what's wrong with or unusual about reading novels in hexadecimal?)

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Actually, the argument is being made by the data center people because a major back-end system already runs on VMS. We currently run Oracle on Windows and want to move to RAC, which to me means Linux; the data center would prefer that we not introduce another OS. I agree about stability, and the OS expertise exists in the data center, but I think the availability and support issues will carry the day. BTW, Oracle10g is still not available for VMS.

Thanks for your 2 cents!


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