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RE: redirect client requests

From: William B Ferguson <>
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 06:45:15 -0700
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Can you get another network card installed in the new server and assign = it
the old server's address?

Or in your old server, modify the listener.ora file for database = requests
to be redirected to the new server? This would still mean the network traffic would have an extra hop, back and forth though.

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If you are moving all the databases to a new server simultaneously, you could rename the old server, set up a DNS Cname that points the old = server
name to the new server, then get rid of the Cname when you are sure it = is
safe to do so.

Don't know where you would mine for the DNS hits to the server name, but someone here is sure to know.

Or have a better idea. :)


On Mon, 28 Feb 2005 19:34:34 -0500, Bob Metelsky = <>
> I have a situation where I need to redirect database requests from=20
> clients. I have 1000+ clients who are connecting to various databases=20
> using tnsnames.ora. At this point I cant track them all down to issue =

> new connect strings. Heres the picture


> server 1 TRU64 Oracle 9i <-- has 7 primary databases that are being=20
> moved to server2 server2 HPUX Oracle 10g <-- new home of the 7=20
> databases above

> I need to have the listener of server1 bounce database connections to =

> server2 over time I can mine the listener log to figure out who the=20
> clients are and notify them of the new changes.


> For right now Im not (cannot) use onames or oid, I need to rely on=20
> the listener I've read about the remote listener but there arent clear =

> cut examples.

> Has anyone done this? can you share the configuration or documentation =

> on how to do this?


> bob

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