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RE: Oracle Names to OID Migration

From: Jesper Haure Norrevang <>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 15:10:32 +0200
Message-id: <000001c4b2b8$59d4ee70$4a28e282@AIDA.local>

What=92s your name? ELP_ME?

A good start is to install an Oracle Application Server Infrastructure 9.0.4.

Out of the box you will get an environment configured for Oracle Directory Naming. Take a look into $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin. Here you will find a sqlnet.ora with the following entry:
NAMES.DIRECTORY_PATH=3D (TNSNAMES, LDAP, ONAMES, HOSTNAME) The phrase =93LDAP=94 tells oracle to use Directory Naming method. Do not remove TNSNAMES on the OID-server. You need the entry to run the oidmon and oidctl commands when starting the OID.

You also get an ldap.ora configured with hostname and port numbers.

With sqlnet.ora and ldap.ora you have all you need in order to configure an Oracle Client for Directory Naming. Copy the two files to a PC and try to connect to your infrastructure database =96 it is configured out of the box.

If you start Oracle Directory Manager and log on as cn=3Dorcladmin, then you can have a look at the first OID naming entry. Navigate to cn=3DIASDB,cn=3DOracleContext (or whatever you called your database). Have a look at the attribute orclnetdescstring. It is the connect descriptor to your infrastructure database. Now you should have a basic understanding of how and where Naming data is stored in the OID.

In order to get data out of Oracle Names, try something like   namesctl
  DUMP_LDAP (dn:dc=3DELP_ME) -R -x -f ELP_ME.ldif

Now you have an LDIF-file with all your entries from Oracle Names. You can edit this file as you like. You might want to remove all the =93,dc=3DELP_ME=94 from that file.

Log onto your OID-server and run
ldapadd -c -h <hostname> -p <port> -D cn=3Dorcladmin \   -w <passwd> -f ELP_ME.ldif

Well. That=92t it. Now you have migrated the server side. Now you can go and distribute sqlnet.ora and ldap.ora to your clients.

Further reading: Chapter 10: Exporting Naming Data to a Directory Server In the manual =93Oracle9i Net Services, Administrator=92s Guide, Release 2 (9.2), Part No. A96580-02=94

Jesper Haure

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Sendt: 11. oktober 2004 19:06
Emne: Oracle Names to OID Migration

 Hello, If someone can provide me with details (could be steps, point = to
anHOW-TO document etc..) for migration from ORACLE Names to OID with = highly
appreciated. Oracle Names is on 8i and I would like use OID for 10g. =20 Also, if there are any personal experience / opnion about Oracle Names = and
OID. Regards Nik =20

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