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Re: Shadow Image....

From: Tim Gorman <>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 16:19:11 -0600
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  1. Put tablespaces into "backup" mode
  2. Take "shadow image" snapshot
  3. Take tablespaces out of "backup" mode
  4. For each copy of datafiles created by "shadow image", run a CATALOG DATAFILECOPY command in RMAN
  5. Backup the datafile copies to tape using BACKUP DATAFILECOPY commands in RMAN


  2. RECOVER DATABASE (...or some variation thereof...)

RMAN reads the file header in the datafile copy, so it knows which datafile the copy is related to. RESTORE restores to the datafile, not to the copy.

on 10/11/04 2:14 PM, Roger Xu at wrote:

> We have HDS 9960 and are thinking backup via shadow image.
> Can someone who is using this provide us the steps to do
> both backup and recovery?
> Thanks. (Solaris 9 / Oracle
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> From: Tim Gorman []
> Sent: Saturday, October 09, 2004 7:17 PM
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> Subject: Re: Shadow Image....
> The rumors of the conventional backup's demise are absolutely true and the
> corpse should have been buried a long time ago...
> RMAN works quite well with those techniques (i.e. file-system snapshot,
> BCVs, shadow image, etc). First CATALOG DATAFILECOPY the snapped images to
> enter knowledge of their existence into the RMAN catalog, and then use
> BACKUP DATAFILECOPY to backup those copies onto tape. Admittedly not as
> straightforward as simply issuing a BACKUP DATABASE command, but that's what
> Perl and shell scripts are for, but the restore and recovery is no
> different. You get corruption checking and the ability to validate
> recoverability -- things that old-style scripted backups don't provide.
> The DBAs still have to put the database into and out of BACKUP mode during
> the snapshot, but getting it to tape and -- much more importantly -- having
> an easy time during restore and recovery -- is best done with RMAN.
> Yep, deader than roadkill. Better bury it before it stinks up the place...
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