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RE: Shadow Image....

From: Carel-Jan Engel <>
Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2004 20:48:27 +0200
Message-Id: <>

And with 10g, you can use 'alter DATABASE begin backup' :-)
>From alertl10g.log:

Fri Oct 8 20:31:38 2004
alter database begin backup
Completed: alter database begin backup

Fri Oct 8 20:31:51 2004
alter database end backup
Completed: alter database end backup

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Carel-Jan Engel

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On Fri, 2004-10-08 at 18:50, John Kanagaraj wrote:

> Manish,
> >Has any one of you configured a workable solution using
> >Hitachi shadow image and 9205 for duplicate database creation? I am
> looking for
> >some reference on doing it without putting the source database in hot
> backup mode?
> Regardless of whether you use Hitachi ShadowImage or EMC SnapCopy (or
> similar), you _will_ need to place the whole Database in Hot Backup mode
> prior to splitting the mirror. There is a definite time period between start
> to finish of the various behind-the-scenes operations and any DB level
> changes that occur during this period would otherwise result in a fuzzy
> backup that can be avoided only by a Hot backup. In any case, the whole
> point of using a ShadowImage is to reduce the time taken to backup an online
> database while the tablespaces are in hot backup mode (which otherwise would
> lead to a large amount of redo generation). Sorry buddy - needs to be done!
> [And we have been using this for a 300Gb Apps database for the past 4 years
> with no issues - one of my fellow DBAs did try a non-hotbackup recovery test
> and ended up with fuzzy files].
> Hth,
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