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Cloning gurus.

From: Spears, Brian <>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 16:34:56 -0400
Message-ID: <>


 I have been cloning DB for a long time but am under a crunch to rip out some developemnt stuff that has 9i OMF (oracle managed files).

Can anybody tell if they are any issues with cloning a 9i OMF database from a standard hotbackup?
I had some dba's bring up the objection that the DB name is linked to the datafile names.

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Subject: Migrating 8i to 9i

If one migrates in place, and it's what one may call a "plain production database", no "fancy" stuff, etc. from to 9.2.x (as it may be another month or two), are any options lost?  

These are 1-2 TB and we may be moving to another server and a SAN/fiber back plane environment.  

This may be a point where we could temporarily get new disks or simply move the disks from the one server to the other and then convert to 9i.  

I could do a lot more "neat stuff" if I could do export/import but at the size, I don't know if we would have the time. For instance, instead of 12-18 "disks" I may have 2-4 600GB "disks" as it were, etc.  

They are supposed to have a huge Hitachi SAN that auto balances the load and if it sees the load is on one tray and it's too heavy will eventually migrate some of the data to another tray without the knowledge of the Unix box. I don't get that heavy into the "guts" of them so not exactly sure how this happens.  

But other than that, if I don't export/import, do I "lose" any features. Tablespaces are almost all LOCAL and UNIFORM extents, usually 10 or 100 meg.  

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