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Re: 10g show stoppers

From: Byron Pearce <>
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2004 15:50:55 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Yes, there is an ASM instance that manages the disks.

Our company put together a high-level presentation on ASM a couple of months ago for presentation at an Oracle event. It is not a kernel-level nuts and bolts internals presentation (it was for a mixed audience of technicians and managers), but it does provide an overview of what ASM is and how it works. There is a basic walk-through on how to set it up, query information in it once it is setup, etc.

You can snag the PDF off of our website if you're interested:

I hope this helps answer some of the questions.

Ron Rogers wrote:

> Thanks for the info. That is the method I thought ASM used when you
>said that ASM could handle the archlogs.
>I don't have ASM installed on my play box yet. If I remember correctly
>ASM is a separate install and is started
>seperately from the Oracle instance then they talk to each other.
>Thanks again,
>>>> 07/01/2004 3:05:54 PM >>>
>ASM is using raw devices. It's not possible to (simply) extract
>nor archivelogs from an ASM managed device, but Oracle knows the
>format of the it and knows where the blocks of its "files" are stored
>on the
>You can use RMAN to back up archivelogs and datafiles from an ASM
>device, no
>OS copying is allowed.
>I personally do like ASM and haven't seen any showstopper-bugs, but
>I've not
>implemented a large RAC+ASM in production yet, only few two node ones
>linux servers (I don't trust OCFS, I have seen too much trouble with
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