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RE: ORA-24347 Error

From: Subbiah, Stalin <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 17:51:32 -0700
Message-ID: <>


I remember getting this error on 8.1.6 databases which was due to some oracle bug (metalink should serve you the bug number). But then when upgraded to 8174, error disappeared. Since then upto 9204, I haven't seen it happening with the same apps that use to occur before.

I really appreciate if you could let me know what you find.


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Sent: Wednesday, June 16, 2004 6:41 AM
Subject: ORA-24347 Error

First up my hopes of getting to the bottom of this are fairly slim (because I can't get at the code), but I figure that there are enough smart folk here that someone may have seen similar behaviour before.

Our ERP supplier sells a (really quite good) MsExcel add-in that can be used to query the database and return purty reports. This can be run interactively (by report designers) or via ole automation (by a report scheduler).

Our report designers have updated one of the suite of management reports and it runs just fine when run interactively. When scheduled however the log that the add-in produces shows this

 select v.dim4 AS workord, decode(v.dim5,' ','NA',v.dim5) AS activity, dBF.description AS

      workord_text, NVL(v.chrg_stat, 'UNASSIGNED') AS chg_stat, jct.description AS job_code_text,

       act.description AS activity_text, v.period AS period, SUM(v.value_1) AS value_1

      ,MIN(icp.icp_1) AS icp_1,MIN(icp.icp_2) AS icp_2,MIN(icp.icp_3) AS icp_3,MIN(icp.icp_4) AS

      icp_4,MIN(icp.icp_5) AS icp_5,MIN(icp.icp_6) AS icp_6,MIN(icp.icp_7) AS icp_7,MIN(icp.icp_8) AS

      icp_8,MIN(icp.icp_9) AS icp_9,MIN(icp.icp_10) AS icp_10,MIN(icp.icp_11) AS icp_11,MIN(icp.icp_12)

      AS icp_12,MIN(icp.icp_13) AS icp_13,MIN(icp.icp_14) AS icp_14,MIN(icp.icp_15) AS

      icp_15,MIN(icp.icp_16) AS icp_16,MIN(icp.icp_17) AS icp_17,MIN(icp.icp_18) AS

      icp_18,MIN(icp.icp_19) AS icp_19,MIN(icp.icp_20) AS icp_20,MIN(icp.icp_21) AS

      icp_21,MIN(icp.icp_22) AS icp_22,MIN(icp.icp_23) AS icp_23,MIN(icp.icp_24) AS icp_24

      ,MIN(icp.icp_1) AS icp_curper FROM agldescription dBF, agldescription act, aglrelvalue jc,

      agldescription jct ,uhsicpdetail icp, uvidaenq3_chgstat v WHERE v.client = 'AC' AND v.period

>= 200501 AND v.period <= 200501 AND v.dim2 IN ('1010', '1011',
'3010', '3110') AND (dBF.client

and the process dies.

If I run the offending sql through sqlplus it runs successfully. If we run the report interactively it completes successfully. If I try to capture the error either through an event or my trigger :( I get nothing. I shall of course be logging support calls with both the vendor and Oracle,. but if anyone else has encountered this before I'd be grateful for any pointers. I am aware that this is a 'warning'
rather than an 'error'.

Environment DataServer, Client ODBC Driver All on Win2k sp3.


Niall Litchfield
Oracle DBA
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