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ORA-24347 Error

From: Niall Litchfield <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 14:41:17 +0100
Message-ID: <>

First up my hopes of getting to the bottom of this are fairly slim (because I can't get at the code), but I figure that there are enough smart folk here that someone may have seen similar behaviour before.

Our ERP supplier sells a (really quite good) MsExcel add-in that can be used to query the database and return purty reports. This can be run interactively (by report designers) or via ole automation (by a report scheduler).

Our report designers have updated one of the suite of management reports and it runs just fine when run interactively. When scheduled however the log that the add-in produces shows this

 select v.dim4 AS workord, decode(v.dim5,' ','NA',v.dim5) AS activity, dBF.description AS

      workord_text, NVL(v.chrg_stat, 'UNASSIGNED') AS chg_stat, jct.description AS job_code_text,

       act.description AS activity_text, v.period AS period, SUM(v.value_1) AS value_1

      ,MIN(icp.icp_1) AS icp_1,MIN(icp.icp_2) AS icp_2,MIN(icp.icp_3) AS icp_3,MIN(icp.icp_4) AS

      icp_4,MIN(icp.icp_5) AS icp_5,MIN(icp.icp_6) AS icp_6,MIN(icp.icp_7) AS icp_7,MIN(icp.icp_8) AS

      icp_8,MIN(icp.icp_9) AS icp_9,MIN(icp.icp_10) AS icp_10,MIN(icp.icp_11) AS icp_11,MIN(icp.icp_12)

      AS icp_12,MIN(icp.icp_13) AS icp_13,MIN(icp.icp_14) AS icp_14,MIN(icp.icp_15) AS

      icp_15,MIN(icp.icp_16) AS icp_16,MIN(icp.icp_17) AS icp_17,MIN(icp.icp_18) AS

      icp_18,MIN(icp.icp_19) AS icp_19,MIN(icp.icp_20) AS icp_20,MIN(icp.icp_21) AS

      icp_21,MIN(icp.icp_22) AS icp_22,MIN(icp.icp_23) AS icp_23,MIN(icp.icp_24) AS icp_24

      ,MIN(icp.icp_1) AS icp_curper FROM agldescription dBF, agldescription act, aglrelvalue jc,

      agldescription jct ,uhsicpdetail icp, uvidaenq3_chgstat v WHERE v.client = 'AC' AND v.period

>= 200501 AND v.period <= 200501 AND v.dim2 IN ('1010', '1011',
'3010', '3110') AND (dBF.client

and the process dies.

If I run the offending sql through sqlplus it runs successfully. If we run the report interactively it completes successfully. If I try to capture the error either through an event or my trigger :( I get nothing. I shall of course be logging support calls with both the vendor and Oracle,. but if anyone else has encountered this before I'd be grateful for any pointers. I am aware that this is a 'warning' rather than an 'error'.

Environment DataServer, Client ODBC Driver All on Win2k sp3.


Niall Litchfield
Oracle DBA
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Received on Wed Jun 16 2004 - 08:38:05 CDT

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