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Re: SQL Language Quick Reference

From: Daniel W. Fink <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 20:45:14 -0600
Message-ID: <>

I have found the two Oracle New Features books by Robert Freeman to be invaluable. It gives me a quick overview of the new features of the release and clear examples. I know that sql and pl/sql new features would be much larger, but it still would be nice.

Buying a book that is 80% old material (when I have the previous release's book) is a real waste of money and paper. If you have never purchased the book covering the previous release, you'll need one that covers it all, that adds some complexity to the task. But it seems like the authors have to write up the new material, so why can't these efforts go on in parallel.

Over the years, I've thrown out at least 25 books that were out of date because of a version change and I bought the whole 'new' version that was only 20% new. The waste of resources that are involved in these rehashes of old material is pointless (okay, my real opinion is that it is appalling and shameful). I've weaned myself off these books and work my way through the new features, relying on Oracle's oh-so-helpful documentation.

Just my $.02 (which I would gladly invest in a new features book)

Daniel Fink

Jonathan Gennick wrote:

> I'll be sure to pass on your suggestion though, to the
> editor of that supplied packages book. Actually, I'll just
> copy her on this note. We were just talking about the book
> the other day in fact.
> Best regards,
> Jonathan Gennick --- Brighten the corner where you are
> * 906.387.1698 *

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