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Re: problem oracle mogration 8.0.5 to 10g

From: <>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 11:32:57 -0700
Message-ID: <>

  1. whether direct migration is supported from 8.0.5/8.0.4 to 10g, in the oracle doc it is said that first we will need to migrate to 8.0.6 and then to 9i, so which path u had used in your case? Check the migration guide, the details for migration path are there. (RTFM :)
  2. What is the preffeered way, manual migration or through migration utility or export/import, and which method u have used?

Personally, I've nearly always used manual migration. I've never used exp/imp, as it is only useful for rather small databases.

I did use the GUI migration tool on one occasion. In general I use the command line as it allows more control.

3. what were the runtime problems u faced and what are the risk factors we need to take into account?

You need to build a test environment that mirrors production.

This will help you determine runtime issues and risk.

Other risk is dependent on your environment. You're asking the wrong people. You should be asking your business users.

4. I have migration doc from oracle, but do you have your own prepard doc which describes the steps required for the migration

Yes, I developed it by using the migration doc as a guideline and tailored it for our environment.

I recommend you do the same. No, I can't share mine.

5. ALSO they customr has some other tools like power builder and forms 4.5 running,, so will it have any problem for connecting to oracle10g ?

See #3 and #4 regarding a test environment.


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