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Re: Database Archive

From: Carel-Jan Engel <>
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 00:32:28 +0200
Message-Id: <>

You're right. This needs a reaction. First thought from the devil's advocate: probably this necessity of slimming down is due to restrictions of SAP to the database? I don't use SAP, but does it allow you to use partitioning? That would enable you to make untouched partitions read-only, enabling you to minimize th backup window. However, backup-window? What's the problem with hot backup? Escpecially when using (yes, I'm a BAARF member, i know) SAN or NAS with snapshotting capabilities.

Apart from that, how can 27GB/month cause HW cost of USD 700,000/year? That's USD 2,160/GB!

Cotrone obviously hasn't heard of SQL-tuning. And I wonder what kind of database Southwest Gas is using. They look at the age of files, before they take them to off-line storage, where they can be accessed transparently from the originbal application. So where's the saving? Either the use has to direct the application to the Applimation data store, or the application doesn't know the data is somewhere else. How does it get rid of searching all the archived data? Partitoning?

I particularly don't like the archiving on the 9i/Linux stuff. Is this a competition in highest complexity? How much extra dependencies can we add?

Then the cost. As stated in this list a few days ago, Oracle is payed per user or CPU, not per GB ram or disk. So you start buying extra Oracle licences to save money? Standard edition One won't do the job. When you're on a named user license I don't see the problem, when you're on a processor license it will be expensive.

My first impression is that a mix of expensive storage for your 'hot spots' and cheaper storage for the lesser active data, but all of it connected to the same system (either DAS/SAN/NAS), might be a good alternative. A nice feauture for ASSM in 11-something? What about the cost of having your reports running against the separated data, running integrated trend-analysis, analyzing past and actual data? This will launch lots of new consulting demands, to re-integrate all archived and actual data.

And finally, yes, what are we talkin about. 120BG? So what?

Just my 0,02

Regards, Carel-Jan

PS, I think I figured out what 'Just my 0,02' means. Actually, this is the first time I dare to use it. But were does it come from?

Regards, Carel-Jan

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