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RE: oracle downgrade support

Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 10:05:46 -0500
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   We have pretty much relied on the practice of:

Fortunately we haven't had a disaster of the magnitude that would require this. I will be interested to see if anyone else has a great solution.

Dennis Williams
Lifetouch, Inc.

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Scott, thats pretty much the idea.

I've been doing backup/recovery scenarios for quite a few years, you have a few options, none which are good.

  1. rebuild the original database with the lower version binaries, attempt and exp/imp, yes imp is only really guaranteed going up in versions not necessarily down.
  2. attempt transportable tablespaces to get the data back into the older version.
  3. attempt to logmine all of the transactions since the upgrade, restore the older version binaries and datafiles, and run the logminer output to get the info back into the older version.

like i said none of them are really good.

wish i had a better answer.

Oracle's stand for downgrades is usually, make a cold backup, and restore that if you need to downgrade, of course losing all transactions since then.


 We are currently in the middle of upgrading all our databases to = Production databases are scheduled to start upgrading next =  month and as part of our testing our management requires us to test and

 Needless to say management is a bit concerned about major upgrades and =  being able to downgrade. Obviously if a major problem is found early =  enough restoring the cold backup from before the upgrade is the best =  option. But say the bug is not found for 1 week and Oracle cannot fix it

 According to document 208201.1 on metalink downgrading from =>8.1.7 is doable. Assuming that patch sets are mostly bug fixes

 We have tested this with 2 databases that mimic 2 of our production =  databases. Both have been unsuccessful with 1 having invalid sys objects

 After opening 2 different tars with oracle for these issues they have =  both come back with slightly different answers 1) database downgrades =  are not supported 2) downgrading from a patch set is not supported =  (meaning only downgrading from the base release of =  There answer was in both cases to restore the cold backup from prior to

 Does it really seem correct that Oracle does not support downgrades or =  are we just hitting bad information from support?

 Scott Gamble
 Oracle DBA - ERP and DB Technology Engineering=20  Cardinal Health, Medical Products and Services  (847)-578-5673

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