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Re: Perl Book Recommendations

From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 21:12:16 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Learning Perl (Randall Schwartz) is the best book to start with. For more complex stuff, I recommend Damian Conway book "Object Oriented Perl" and O'Reilly book "Advanced Perl Programming". (author is an Indian, I forgot his name, and the book is my office) Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen and Randall Schwartz wrote "Programming Perl", which is the best reference manual there is. Alligator Descartes and Tim Bunce of DBD::oracle and DBI fame wrote the book about DBI which is a little bit old but still very useful. Last but, by no means the least, is the book by Jared Still, the owner of this list and Andy Duncan: Perl for Oracle DBA. Finally, if you want to see interesting use of perl, I recommend "Optimizing Oracle Performance" by Cary Millsap and Jeff Holt. The book pre se is not about perl, but it is full of very interesting examples of perl programming. Authors are very fluent in perl and display very good programming style which deserves to be studied and copied. Now, you have something to read over the weekend. As for being the newbie in the wintel environment, there is still time to install the Mandy cooker over the weekend.

On 04/01/2004 08:47:46 PM, Larry Elkins wrote:
> Ok listers, I know I can look in the archives, but better books may have
> come out since it was last discussed. So, what would be the best books for a
> newbie to Perl? Also interested in Perl scripting and Oracle. It seems like
> someone on this list wrote a book about that topic ;-) Oh yeah, the
> scripting would be in a Wintel environment (if that makes a difference, I
> said I was a newbie to it).
> Regards,
> Larry G. Elkins
> 214.954.1781

Mladen Gogala
Oracle DBA
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