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RE: Paging Devices for Oracle DBAs

From: Robson, Peter <>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 15:57:17 -0000
Message-ID: <>

All kidding aside (though I admit to smiling wryly at Mladen's 1-900-HOT-DBA idea!), it seems to speak to the skewed priorities of my country's politicians and military decision makers when we can find a couple billion dollars for a new aircraft carrier or nuclear submarine, but we can't squeeze out a few hundred bucks for a flak jacket for the grunt in the field, or a hundred bucks (plus airtime) for support personnel like Jerome to get a simple electronic tool to make them more responsive and productive workers. And I'm sure we Americans don't hold a monopoly in this realm of skewed priorities!  

Too true. I remember recommending a Blackberry when they first came out. Ho Ho - that was a joke! Then one or two of our senior management saw the device, really liked it - the rest, as they say, is (skewed) history.... grin!  


Well, that's probably too much soapbox for this forum, but I had to say something.  

Joe Cooper
Senior Oracle DBA
<company withheld -- these opinions are my own!>        

Whittle Jerome Contr NCI <> wrote:

We're very low tech here: Users with my home and cell phone number neither of which are paid for by my employer. I'm thinking about changing over to a 900 number to make some money out of the deal.

Jerry Whittle
NCI Information Systems Inc.

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From: David Wagoner []

        I'd like to get some feedback on good communication/paging devices for Oracle DBAs. I currently have a crappy old Nokia phone that can recieve email, but it's not very good for this purpose. Are any of you using devices that work really well for DBA alerts? The Treo and Blackberry units look nice, but they are expensive. Are they really worth the expense for this function? I used to carry a clam-shell Motorolla pager that was useful, but too big for comfort. A phone/pager combination would be ideal I think, if it works well :-).

        What are you guys using that you like/don't like?

        Best regards,

        David B. Wagoner
Database Administrator

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