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Re: Oracle 911 Article

From: Michael Thomas <>
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 07:08:56 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>


Your comments on my thinking are essentially correct, because "scientific approach is good" and "silver bullets don't exist". You bet.

I have been educated to expect an Oracle author to not misdirect the readers, and if so, to correct themselves politely. I am very pleased with the leaders on this list.

The only part where I may differ from you is that I can give no credit to the good bits, if they happen to be buried in an incorrect initial hypothesis and poor conclusions. That would be an academic 'F' on a paper in my schools.

I judge quality of instruction based on how the author helps the student learn for themselves. I'm more a student of Oracle, whereas I see you as a teacher. So, I understand why you encourage improvement.

Sorry if I am not clear enough with my explanations.


Mike Thomas

> : Because, it did not help me to suggest
> 'silver-bullet'
> : remedies without addressing 'How does the Oracle
> : expert _learn_ to provide emergency support?'. Is
> : countering an academic and scientific approach a
> good
> : approach to learning?
> :
> I wasn't 100% sure what you were saying here.
> Am I correct in thinking that you read the article
> where Don is supposed to be telling us that there
> are lots of silver bullets, and got to the end
> thinking
> "there are no silver bullets, you actually have to
> work
> out what's wrong ?"
> If that's the case, then you've put your finger on
> the
> most admirable bit of the article. There are three
> or
> four case studies where it demonstrates that you
> have
> to use a scientific approach to decide what the
> problems
> are; thus showing (despite the author's starting
> position):
> scientific approach is good
> silver bullets don't exist

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