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Re: Oracle 911 Article

From: Jonathan Lewis <>
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 11:07:39 -0000
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Jonathan Lewis

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March 2004 Charlotte OUG ( CBO Tutorial April 2004 Iceland
June 2004 UK - Optimising Oracle Seminar

: Hi,
: I don't know if this is agreeing or disagreeing with
: you'all, but I did not like the article.

I didn't say I liked it, I said is was probably the best he'd written.

: Because, it did not help me to suggest 'silver-bullet'
: remedies without addressing 'How does the Oracle
: expert _learn_ to provide emergency support?'. Is
: countering an academic and scientific approach a good
: approach to learning?

I wasn't 100% sure what you were saying here. Am I correct in thinking that you read the article where Don is supposed to be telling us that there are lots of silver bullets, and got to the end thinking "there are no silver bullets, you actually have to work out what's wrong ?"

If that's the case, then you've put your finger on the most admirable bit of the article. There are three or four case studies where it demonstrates that you have to use a scientific approach to decide what the problems are; thus showing (despite the author's starting position):

    scientific approach is good
    silver bullets don't exist

: In my experience, it has been fun (in a sick, cynical
: sort of way) to watch folks shoot themselves in the
: foot with 'silver bullets'. It was an entertaining
: read. I just don't agree with the conclusions.
: Sorry if I'm a skeptic on this one.
: Regards,
: Mike Thomas
: --- Jonathan Lewis <>
: wrote:
: >
: > Bizarre though it may seem to you, I think this
: > is probably the best article that Don has ever
: > written.
: >

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