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RE: Heterogeneous Replication

From: Duret, Kathy <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 10:53:52 -0600
Message-ID: <>

Watch / How you are using it.

We are using Heterogeneous services with a driver from data direct to access some data in our sql server and oracle in 3 different oracle views. $2,000/cpu so this is not cheap

Personally, I am not happy doing this... I wanted the deveopers to have the app open a separate ODBC connection and get the data

So when sql server goes down, we need to restart the app anyway. Once the application is up again, if someone accesses the view via an old connection to the Oracle database, we get ora-28500 errors, some solaris page swapping and the database load goes up for a bit.

If Sql Server hangs and someone accesses the Oracle/Sql Server view - guess what? Yep

Plus as an added bonus we got a new error last week [LEMRIST()+384] [SIGSEGV] [ADDRESS NOT MAPPED TO OBJECT] [12] ORA-07445 not sure what happened with sql server this time (I think it hung), Oracle datatbase when to a crawl, the machine was swapping and we pegged memory for acouple of minutes. I logged a tar with Oracle and all they could suggest was to increase our swap space. This seemed unrealistic since we already have
2G of swap space and normally don't even use 1/4 of this space on a very busy day.

Let me know what you find out from Golden Gate and if there connection works better.

Good Luck,

long time listener, many time caller, first time responder.......

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Subject: Heterogeneous Replication


We are looking at replicating data from Oracle ( and to MS-SQL (2K). I would like to know if anyone has done this using heterogeneous services and if yes would you please get me started at least with the right links to RTFM. Anything additional will be gravy. We are also looking at Golden Gate solutions (for Oracle to MS-SQL) and I'd appreciate a feed-back, if anyone has had any experience with it.

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