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Re: Best way to move the modified data after upgrade

From: AK <>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 15:29:29 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Best way to move the modified data after upgradeChetan , Do you have connectivity between two sites ? How much downtime ? and how much data ( archived log files ) will be generated in 3 days ? ( rough idea ) . If answer to first question is yes and not much ( terabites ) of redo is generated then you can first install same version of databases as originally then recover till current date and migrate to 9i finally . But yeah during 9i migration I guess you will need some downtime .


  Kindly read the whole scenario and let me know your views.

(1) What we have ?

    a.. Three db instances on the same machine. 
    b.. Two of the instances are on 
    c.. One of the instance is on 
    d.. Oracle as well as O/S is running on 32-bit. 
    e.. Database is running in archivelog mode. 
    f.. The current box is Sun SPARK E6500. 
    g.. Use BCV backup solutions with Veritas NetBackup for tape integration. 
    h.. The production server (E6500) and the backup server both are physically located in Ohio. 
    i.. The total db size is 1.5 TB. 

(2) What we are going to do ?

    a.. Migrate to a new E12K server. 
    b.. Migrate all three instances to 
    c.. Install Oracle on top of 64-bit Sun Solaris 2.9 version. 
    d.. Install 64-bit Oracle software on top of it. 
    e.. The new server is supposed to be located in Arizona. 

(3) How we are going to do ?

    a.. Shut down all three instances on the production server. 
    b.. Take the backup on the backup server. 
    c.. Copy the data on to tape. 
    d.. Ship the tapes over to Arizona where the new E12K box resides. 
    e.. Copy all the data from tape on to the new E12K. 
    f.. Upgrade all three instances on the new E12K as mentioned above on DAY1. 
    g.. Back up all the data locally. 
    h.. Now it takes around 2 days to ship all the tapes are shipped to Arizona and then copy the data over to new E12K. During this time the users are still accessing the production server in Mason. Also the etl jobs are updating/inserting/deleting data from this server in those two days. 

(4) Whether this is possible ?

    a.. Now lets say we want to apply just the changed data from DAY1 till DAY3 is there any way I can do it ? The only other option we have at this moment is to run all the jobs against the newly configured E12K. (I guess the answer is NO, but just wanted to confirm with u all)

  Thanks, Chetan

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