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Re: Best way to move the modified data after upgrade

From: Mike Spalinger <>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 11:39:44 -0800
Message-ID: <>


On a previous project we used Quest's Shareplex to perform a similar migration with almost no downtime. The high-level steps were something like this:


Chindarkar, Chetan (CONS FIN , Contractor) wrote:
> Kindly read the whole scenario and let me know your views.
> (1) What we have ?
> * Three db instances on the same machine.
> * Two of the instances are on
> * One of the instance is on
> * Oracle as well as O/S is running on 32-bit.
> * Database is running in archivelog mode.
> * The current box is Sun SPARK E6500.
> * Use BCV backup solutions with Veritas NetBackup for tape integration.
> * The production server (E6500) and the backup server both are
> physically located in Ohio.
> * The total db size is 1.5 TB.
> (2) What we are going to do ?
> * Migrate to a new E12K server.
> * Migrate all three instances to
> * Install Oracle on top of 64-bit Sun Solaris 2.9 version.
> * Install 64-bit Oracle software on top of it.
> * The new server is supposed to be located in Arizona.
> (3) How we are going to do ?
> * Shut down all three instances on the production server.
> * Take the backup on the backup server.
> * Copy the data on to tape.
> * Ship the tapes over to Arizona where the new E12K box resides.
> * Copy all the data from tape on to the new E12K.
> * Upgrade all three instances on the new E12K as mentioned above on
> DAY1.
> * Back up all the data locally.
> * Now it takes around 2 days to ship all the tapes are shipped to
> Arizona and then copy the data over to new E12K. During this time
> the users are still accessing the production server in Mason. Also
> the etl jobs are updating/inserting/deleting data from this server
> in those two days.
> (4) Whether this is possible ?
> * Now lets say we want to apply just the changed data from DAY1 till
> DAY3 is there any way I can do it ? The only other option we have
> at this moment is to run all the jobs against the newly configured
> E12K. (I guess the answer is NO, but just wanted to confirm with u
> all)
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Thanks, Chetan

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