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Re: Oracle 9.2 RAC on Win2K?

From: K Gopalakrishnan <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 01:34:27 -0700
Message-ID: <>


Comments inlined ..

Not necessarily. You can run RAC in a single machine also. I have few guys here who run RAC in their windoze laptops. But in general your understanding is very correct  

> Provided the answer on the above question happens to be "yes" - I'd
> like to ask List Folks how feasible is to assemble and
> (smoothly?) run 0.5-1 TB database, use Oracle RAC and high
> performance shared storage (say SAN) served ("pumped") by a number
> of Windows 2K servers?
> The "number" of Win2K servers I have on mind is at least 4 "beefy"
> (as beefy as it gets in Windows wrld) Win2K "boxes" each running
> Win2K AS with lots of RAM and at least 4 CPUs, with perspective of
> adding more later.

Installing and Configuring RAC is as simple as you install Oracle databases. But the scalability is limited to just 4 nodes in Windows. I think this limitation is coming from Windows Clusters and NOT from Oracle. And also for Windows, you can use the OCFS (Oracle Cluster File System) and no need to create the RAW partitions. ( I think now a days all platforms have their own CFS (for Linux and windoze oracle gives the CFS) and no need to use RAW partitions for OPS/RAC).

> It would be nice (for me) to know if new nodes can be added to the
> cluster at any later time to improve performance (in order to deal
> with increase in usage or to accomodate growth over period of time).

The nice thing is , yes you can add new nodes dynamically (depends on the OS) and the number of nodes is limited by the OS. For example, in Windoze and Solaris you can only have max 4 nodes. HP-UX, AIX and Linux clusters supports up to 8 nodes. IBM-SP clusters supports upto 128 nodes and again, as I have said earlier all these limitations come from the respective OS/Hardware vendors. From Oracle side , there is no limit for the number of nodes in RAC clusters.

> It would be very nice to know if number of nodes is or is not limited
> (otherwise than by raw I/O capabilities of the shared storage).
> Has anyone seen/run/stumbled over similar beast, if so - does it
> "fly" or it "stinks"?

I think the mandatory RAW partition requirement only comes with AIX (or does oracle support GPFS?) and you don't need to worry about RAW partition limitations.

> Thanks (for any help, hints, links, etc.),
> Branimir
> P.S.
> I've looked at number of metalink articles and found none yet to
> "scratch" this specific "itch" of mine.
> Oracle RAC on Win2K is for some bizarre reason REQUIREMENT.

So I was not the only one in this earth who caught in that trap.. Nice to know somebody else also caught in that. We had implemeted RAC on W2k Advanced Server some time back .. TAF (Select failover) will not work in W2k and make sure TAF is not the MANDATORY requirement. Preconnect is an alternate if your customer agrees for that.

Have a nice day !!

Best Regards,
K Gopalakrishnan,
Bangalore, INDIA.
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