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RE: Sun to Linux on Dell

From: Matthew Zito <>
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2003 12:01:03 -0700
Message-ID: <>

There's just not enough performance info here to go on. If the service times for the storage are high, simply improving the back-end storage (faster drives, more spindles, more cache, etc.) could solve the problem.

As far as Solaris vs. Linux cost, its definitely true that a Linux server _could_ be more expensive than an identically powered Sun server, though I bet over three years the price difference would swing the other way. Even taking that into account, though, the real cost savings of Linux come into play with RAC. First, the Intel hardware is a much faster at <4 cpus than above - 2.0 ghz on 4-way boxes vs. 900mhz at 8-way (and it goes up again when you go down to 2-way servers - 3.0ghz available), and the price-performance ratio improves as well. So, rather than buying one 4-way server, it can be cheaper to buy three 2-ways and end up with more RAM and more CPU power, even taking into account the overhead with RAC.

However, in this particular case, none of this will help you if its your storage that's the bottleneck.


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> If you price the Dell servers, I think you will find there is
> little price advantage over a comparable (sort of) Sun 8-CPU
> box -- for example, Sun Fire V880. If the Sun 450 of which
> you speak is a few years old, then changing to almost any
> platform will get you CPU's that are a heck of a lot faster.
> But, if I/O is the big deal, they need to consider the I/O
> capacity of the box, not just the CPU power. That is, you
> might have two boxes that support 8 CPUs, but one has 4 IDE
> interfaces, which the other has 8 SCSI interfaces.
> Try to encourage them not to get hung up on the Linux
> buzzword. Really, it's just a popular buzzword these days to
> most people who don't understand what the OS truly is. There
> are those who seem to think that if it uses Linux, it will be
> a lot cheaper than if they use some other kind of unix. Not
> so. Not a bit.
> They also need to look at the kind of support -- both vendor
> and third party
> -- each platform has.
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