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Re: Oracle's use of Indexes

From: Jared Still <>
Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2003 06:36:52 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Yes, I have such a tool also. Unfortunately for me, when I try to use it on my most problem child database, it barfs and dies with and ORA-3113. Seems 'explain plan' chokes and dies on complex plans, such as when evaluating the execution path for an insert that goes through an 'on insert' trigger.

This is, the bug was supposedly fixed by then.

Guess what the fix is now? You guessed it, 'just upgrade your database'. Simon Travaglia must work for Oracle.


On Friday 06 June 2003 18:09, Mogens Nørgaard wrote:
> Yes.
> I'm not even trying to be more than just moderately funny about this,
> but yes, you should worry about stats going wroing and yes it happens.
> But not very often. The way forward is to monitor the execution plans of
> your important SQL's, I think. Well, it's one of many ways forward.
> Peter Gram built a free and very simple tool for use against 7.3.4
> recently, which will send the DBA and/or Development chief an email when
> an execution plan changes. It might be for the better, it might be for
> the worse. But it changed. Then you can investigate why the plan
> changed, and here there could be many, many reasons.
> Mogens
> Mogens
> Craig Healey wrote:
> >Thanks for all the suggestions.
> >After playing about, it was apparent that the stats were wrong for the
> >table and screwing up the CBO. I had done analyze ... calculate, but
> >they were still wrong. I dropped the stats, estimated at 5% and things
> >are now back to normal. I had thought that analyze ... calculate would
> >clear out the old stats, but it doesn't seem to have done.
> >BTW, should I be worried about the stats going wrong, or does this
> >normally occur every so often?
> >
> >Craig Healey
> >
> >
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