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How To Gain Overview of Oracle Financials Capabilites

From: Sam Bootsma <>
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 15:26:38 -0800
Message-ID: <>

My manager has asked that I become aware of the capabilities of Oracle Financials and whether that might be a good solution or poor solution for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) repository. The CRM is currently in the planning stages. I know the Oracle RDBMS quite well, but I know very little about Oracle Financials. My manager would like me to be part of a committee on deciding strategy for our CRM (I like the sounds of this).  

Can somebody confirm for me if Oracle Financials is part of the "Oracle Apps" set of applications? Can anybody suggest a good method to gain an overview of the functionality and capabilities of Oracle Financials? I am looking for a broad overview - nothing very technical (I have enough technical stuff to learn).  

I am thinking of searching for an Oracle course on Oracle Financials that is geared towards Sales People. I have seen an outline of such a course before for the Oracle RDBMS, and it looked like it gave a good introduction to the capabilities of the Oracle RDBMS server. Now if I can find something similar for Oracle Financials -- that could be helpful.  

I appreciate any suggestions.  



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