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RE: IOUG Get together?

From: Weiss, Rick <>
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 15:31:40 -0800
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Why not wear them for spring skiing @ Big Sky?? Start a new trend - be a fashion leader instead of a gee-follower.. ;o

Rick Weiss
Oracle DBA
Helena, MT USA

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Can I lobby for IOUG Hawaii? I have all these Hawaiian shirts I need to use.

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  The primary reason that IOUG will not be in San Francisco is because of OracleWOrld (Then OpenWorld). We made a conscious decision to separate the events from Oracle's events in an effort to offer attendees more opportunities to attend. That is why we move IOUG Live! around the country. Next year, 2004, it will be in Toronto with a final return to Disney in 2005.

   With Oracle reserving the Moscone area for the next 10 years, plan on traveling to IOUG Live! It's worth the trip.

Another Topic:

  Paula: To add to Ron's comments, chose presentations that provide "value" to you versus "oh, this would be nice". Chose things of interest to either your or your staff members (in case they cannot attend) versus "just the same stuff". In my past life as a DBA, I forced myself to attend Development, Project Management, etc. presentations to help out my teammates versus the typical "DBA" presentation. Learn new things versus just the same old stuff can be quite beneficial. Even if it is basic stuff, it can always help.

  See everyone in Orlando. Travel safely, healthy and well.

Thank You

Stephen P. Karniotis
Product Architect
Compuware Corporation

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