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Re: rman fun :), nightmare and long

From: Joe Testa <>
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 03:58:23 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Connor, my problem(fault) was I didnt make a copy of the control file(and in 8.1.7, you don't get it backed up by default like in 9i, right?).

I attempted to bring the db in nomount and restore the control file, rman reply "no controlfile backup found".


Connor McDonald wrote:

>What follows might be all hogwash, you could have
>tried this:
> devtype varchar2(256);
> done boolean;
> devtype := dbms_backup_restore.deviceallocate('',
> dbms_backup_restore.restoresetdatafile;
>which drags a copy of the control file that was
>included in the backup into /tmp/ (Obviously
>this has to be run against a different ie "up"
>Then startup nomount the db to be recovered, rman the
>'replicate controlfile' and then restore/recover in
>the normal way. I think this functionality came in
>when they allowed a no-catalog mechanism, so if you
>lost everything, you could still make use of a backup.
> --- JOE TESTA <> wrote: > Ok so
>the qa environment we've been fooling around
>>with rman for testing backup/recovery.
>>tonite they say " we want a backup restored from
>>rman from 2 incarnations ago(for those of u who dont
>>know what an incarnation is, its a new version of
>>the database that gets created when you do open
>>resetlogs <-- if thats wrong please RMAN gurus
>>correct me.
>>So I get out the book, the docs say "in the event
>>you have to do this, which should be rare", you must
>>do the
>>"reset database to incarnation" command.
>>seems easy enough, fire up rman, startup nomount,
>>reset incarnation and it finds the old backups, and
>>starts the restore.
>>so far so good, but then the catch, being a rman
>>newbie(8.1.7), i forgot to make a controlfile
>>backup, now if i'd had that, this should have been
>>cake,restore the control file in nomount mode, mount
>>and restore the datafiles, recover the datafiles and
>>open resetlogs, did i forget to say, this is a
>>Well, for whatever reason, the database wouldnt
>>open, due to using a newer controlfile.
>>hmmm, i've done this before, i'll just dump the
>>controlfile to trace(yes i did this BEFORE the
>>restore, just in case of an actual emergency).
>>rebuild the control file, try the recover again(did
>>i say we're going to a particular SCN based on the
>>info from list backup/list incarnation commands), no
>>deal, damn database will not open.
>>regroup, wait a minute, rman aint anything special,
>> let's do this:
>>restore the files from rman backup again.
>>exit rman
>>sqlplus: recover database until scn #######;
>>alter database open resetlogs;
>>rman: <check> resync catalog;
>>CHOKE, but i expected that,
>>rman: reset database;
>>full catalog sync AND
>>we're good to go.
>>Where did go wrong in using RMAN to do the
>>recover/restore ???
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