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RE: rman fun :), nightmare and long

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Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 05:53:28 -0800
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The controlfile gets backed up automatically when you do a RMAN full backup. I have been having a debate this morning regarding a situation where we do weekly full backups using RMAN and and a daily RMAN "archivelog all delete input".

I contend we should do a "archivelog all delete input INCLUDING controlfile". My colleague states that this is only of value for when all controlfiles are lost. (which we both agree is highly unlikely but possible).

I am asured that if we had no controlfile available we could "restore controlfile" and it would go back to the copy it has which could be 1 week old and then roll forward (after calling restore database). RMAN would apply any changes necessary (of which there would be none in this scenario) and create an updated copy of the current controlfile)

So Joe, you only needed a copy of the control file because of the scenario you were running and you would not need to take a specific copy in the normal run of events? Is my understanding correct?. I know that no recovery/DR scenario can be considered normal but I am particularly interested if any situation where we need to recover from the last backup either a full database to a SCN or point in time or recover a single datafile

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Connor, my problem(fault) was I didnt make a copy of the control file(and in 8.1.7, you don't get it backed up by default like in 9i, right?).


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