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RE: unable to shutdown immediate

From: Jacques Kilchoer <>
Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2002 17:08:23 -0800
Message-ID: <>

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I asked a question on shutdown abort vs. immediate about two weeks ago, prompted by another question from April Wells concerning shutdown abort.

I have condensed the responses in the previous thread below. (P.S. Thanks to those who answered and my apologies if I have misrepresented anyone's position.)

Consensus: seemed to be a split decision between using alter system checkpoint / startup force restrict / shutdown normal (because it always brings down the database) vs. using shutdown immediate (the "official", "safer" way.)

Charlie Mengler: Shutdown abort can be faster

Rich Gesler: Instead of shutdown abort, use this: alter system checkpoint / startup force restrict / shutdown normal. I don't think that shutdown immediate is necessarily faster. I don't agree that abort is more dangerous.

Kevin Kennedy: my shutdown script that tries shutdown immediate and only does the abort, etc. if immediate takes too long. I don't think that immediate is slower than abort. Why kill a process when you can terminate it gracefully?

Kirti Deshpande: read this

Jehan Ishrat: explains different types of shutdown as shown in docs, which at a first glance would indicate that shutdown immediate is "safer"

Dan Fink: shutdown abort may take longer; In 9i, there was (is?) a known bug where an ABORT would cause the database to not open.

Mohammad Rafiq: I've used alter system checkpoint / shutdown abort for a couple of years ( to 9.x, HP-UX 11.0, 40-80GB db) and never had a problem.

James J. Morrow: AFAIK, the only reason shutdown abort was recommended is because of a bug in Oracle 7.1.3 on HP-UX. You should always do shutdown immediate.

Dave Farnsworth: I had a shutdown immediate hang for a whole week-end and had to do a shutdown abort on Monday morning. Sounds like a bug to me.

Christopher Royce: I use startup force restrict / shutdown normal before a cold backup because shutdown immediate can hang. I've never had a problem with my method. It might not be the "desired" solution but it has worked for me in the past.

David Lord: I had a database fail to restart after a shutdown abort because of a corrupted redo log (Oracle 7.1.4). I avoid shutdown abort. Our script tries shutdown immediate, and if that takes too long, we do a alter system checkpoint / shutdown abort / startup restrict / shutdown immediate.

Connor McDonald: Data integrity depends on redo logs; redo logs are "atomic" (something is either there or it isn't); shutdown abort has no bearing on the synchronicity of redo operations and should be totally safe. I would use alter system checkpoint / shutdown abort. A shutdown abort is no more likely to cause redo log corruption than a power failure.

April Wells: I had redo log corruption after a shutdown abort. I can't prove that the corruption was caused by the shutdown abort.

Yechiel Adar: I have had a "restore / roll forward" fail after the database was suddenly brought down by a power failure. I would only use shutdown abort as a last resource.

Robert Freeman: Shutdown abort bug (fixed in 9.x): create table, insert many records, do not commit, shutdown abort, startup, truncate table while Oracle is still rolling back the inserts: ora-600 and db crashes.

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