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Re: OT: move over CBO, make room for Leo!

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Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2002 17:08:24 -0800
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I remember hearing Mike Ault at IOUG in 94 or 95 talk about the CBO (by the way, Mike was about the only the DBA God back then). At that time CBO had been out for a year+. His statement was "CBO, nice idea, maybe someday they will get it to work right". Well that was at least 7 years ago and IMAO CBO is/has now just finally matured.

So let me see, "LEO, nice idea, maybe someday I'll convert to it".

I will follow-up with another email on this in 10 years when LEO matures.

By the way, 5 years ago data warehousing news was talking about getting partial preliminary result sets, displayed in a real nice touchy gui, as the datamining queries were running so that you had a way of saying "I don't think this is what I want", and stopped the query, changing it, then re-submitting it again. It was a really kool wiz bang idea.....I'm still waiting for that one to come to market.

Next Please.....

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I noticed a couple of interesting nuggets of information in this computerworld article about new db developments:

  1. <<Thirty years ago, IBM researcher Pat Selinger invented "cost-based" query optimization...>> I did not know that.
  2. <<Now Selinger, is leading an effort at IBM called Leo-for Learning Optimizer ... Rather then optimizing a query once, when it's compiled, Leo will watch production queries as they run and fine-tune them as it learns about data relationships and user needs. "It empirically derives interesting things about the data," Selinger says. For example, Leo would come to realize that a ZIP code can be associated with only one state, or that a Camry is made only by Toyota, even if those rules aren't specified in advance.>>

c) Two out of the three people mentioned in the article, Pat Selinger and Jennifer Widom, are women! I guess those "take your daughter to work" days are paying off. I'm happy to see more gender equality in computer science.,10801,73164,00.html


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