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Re: Install Oracle 8i on Windows XP?

From: Daniel Wisser <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 01:48:23 -0800
Message-ID: <>

i am sorry i have to give another reply to the WINDOWS issue, quoting also a cultural superior american named frank zappa

all that we got here's american made
it's a little bit cheesy, but it's nicely displayed

well we don't get excited when it crumbles and breaks we get on the phone and call up some flakes they rush on over on wreck it some more
and we are so dumb they're lining up at our door

(from Sheik Yerbouti, Flakes)

forgive me for this mail and delete it


> Jacques Kilchoer wrote:
> Mr. Pierce - the only ad hominem attacks I saw were from you. Someone
> posted "Don't use Windows", a generic disparagement of the operating
> system. You immediately responded with a personal insult calling the
> person an asshole.
> You then followed it up with a post asserting the cultural superiority
> of Americans and Israelis over the rest of the world.
> I suggest that you refrain from personal insults and from political
> diatribes.
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: []
> >
> > from a private message:
> >
> > | Suggestion: make it clear to the elitist unix bigots that if they
> > | intend to regularly engage in ad hominem attacks and insults that
> > | are clearly intended to disrupt the purpose of the list, which
> > | would include people discussing oracle technology on windows free
> > | of irrelevant b.s., it will be considered a violation of list
> > | rules.
> > |
> > | I delete 98% of posts that are unix/mainframe related, why can't
> > | the unix people do the same thing, and simply focus on what they
> > | are interested in instead of interfering with other people's
> > | conversations?
> >

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