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From: Yechiel Adar <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 02:18:21 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Eric, thank you for your illuminating notes on the reason they hate us.

<blowing steam>
Just two points:
1) A few days ago a bomb explode in India killing 50 people.

    I did not heard ANY remarks from anybody condemning this. 2) All the people who cry for the Palestinians and demand they

    should have their own country does not give a shit about the Curds    (for example) who are in worse condition.

The Europe countries are basing their policy on Jew hating.

</blowing steam>

Yechiel Adar

  Absurd. Your intention from the beginning was to be a snobby jerk.

       Among the Bourgeoisophobes

       Why the Europeans and Arabs, each in their own way, hate
       America and Israel. 

       by David Brooks 

       04/15/2002, Volume 007, Issue 30 

       AROUND 1830, a group of French artists and intellectuals
       looked around and noticed that people who were their
       spiritual inferiors were running the world. Suddenly a
       large crowd of merchants, managers, and traders were 
       making lots of money, living in the big houses, and
       holding the key posts. They had none of the high style
       of the aristocracy, or even the earthy integrity of the
       peasants. Instead, they were gross. They were vulgar 
       materialists, shallow conformists, and self-absorbed
       philistines, who half the time failed even to
       acknowledge their moral and spiritual inferiority 
       to the artists and intellectuals. What's more, it was
       their very mediocrity that accounted for their success.
       Through some screw-up in the great scheme of the
       universe, their narrow-minded greed had brought them 
       vast wealth, unstoppable power, and growing social

       Naturally, the artists and intellectuals were outraged.
       Hatred of the bourgeoisie became the official emotion of
       the French intelligentsia. Stendhal said traders and
       merchants made him want to "weep and vomit at the same
       time." Flaubert thought they were "plodding and
       avaricious." Hatred of the bourgeoisie, he wrote, "is
       the beginning of all virtue." He signed his letters
       "Bourgeoisophobus" to show how much he despised "stupid 
       grocers and their ilk." 

       Of all the great creeds of the 19th century, pretty much
       the only one still thriving is this one,
       bourgeoisophobia. Marxism is dead. Freudianism is dead.
       Social Darwinism is dead, along with all those theories
       about racial purity that grew up around it. But the
       emotions and reactions that Flaubert, Stendhal, and all
       the others articulated in the 1830s are still with us,
       bigger than ever. In fact, bourgeoisophobia, which has
       flowered variously and spread to places as diverse as
       Baghdad, Ramallah, and Beijing, is the major reactionary
       creed of our age. 

       This is because today, in much of the world's eyes, two
       peoples--the Americans and the Jews--have emerged as the
       great exemplars of undeserved success. Americans and
       Israelis, in this view, are the money-mad molochs 
       of the earth, the vulgarizers of morals, corrupters of
       culture, and proselytizers of idolatrous values. These
       two nations, it is said, practice conquest capitalism,
       overrunning poorer nations and exploiting weaker
       neighbors in their endless desire for more and more.
       These two peoples, the Americans and the Jews, in the
       view of the bourgeoisophobes, thrive precisely because
       they are spiritually stunted. It is their 
       obliviousness to the holy things in life, their feverish
       energy, their injustice, their shallow pursuit of power
       and gain, that allow them to build fortunes, construct
       weapons, and play the role of hyperpower. 

       And so just as the French intellectuals of the 1830s
       rose up to despise the traders and bankers, certain
       people today rise up to shock, humiliate, and dream of
       destroying America and Israel. Today's bourgeoisophobes
       burn with the same sense of unjust inferiority. They
       experience the same humiliation because there is nothing
       they can do to thwart the growing might of their
       enemies. They rage and rage. Only today's
       bourgeoisophobes are not just artists and intellectuals.
       They are as likely to be terrorists and suicide bombers.
       They teach in madrassas, where they are careful not to
       instruct their students in the sort of practical
       knowledge that dominates bourgeois schools. They are
       Muslim clerics who incite hatred and violence. They are
       erudite Europeans who burn with humiliation because they
       know, deep down, that both America and Israel possess a 
       vitality and heroism that their nations once had but no
       longer do. 


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  On 28 Jul 2002 at 12:53, Mladen Gogala wrote:


  > This debate is getting increasingly personal and that is why I am going 
  > to end
  > it right now. I tried avoiding a personal conflict in my first reply, 
  > but you
  > insisted. As I have nothing to gain from the squabble, I'm out of here.


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