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From: Johnson, Michael <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 11:05:29 -0800
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There are those that argue Apple provided competition to Microsoft. Not very good competition, but competition nonetheless and so the monopoly argument goes out the window. I agree Microsoft is substandard product, especially with regard to the server based class. However, the market place has spoken very clearly and it is up to someone else to come and take away some of Microsofts Pie !

In 1998, at Oracle OpenWorld, McNally and Ellision completely trashed Microsoft and Bill Gates in one of those open morning sessions. My thought at the time was , instead of bitchin about them , why dont you just go compete against them and put them out of business.

Well, its 2002 and Sun / Oracle now have major business problems and Microsoft just seems to keep on truckin. I havent heard much lately from Scott and Larry regarding this issue. Perhaps they are putting together a good technical presentation for Openworld this year and that will give me a good
reason to go.

maybe I will hear good technical presentations instead of thoughtless meanderings and tirades about folks they are obviously jeoulous of.

FWIW. Mike

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Hi Mike,

I just got a bit of a chuckle when you mentioned "free market system" and "Microsoft" in the same breath. Microsoft didn't get to be the biggest by having the best product. They got it from the best marketing and unscrupulous and illegal business practices (tried to say that without using the over-used "Monopoly"!).

Oracle can make claims that they are the best because they can actually prove some or most those claims. MS can't. Sorry for sounding like a whiner, but it's been a Microsoft day at it's best. Multiple reboots for everyone! Yay!

OK, enough whining. It's no fun when you can't whine/complain to someone without having some brewskis! :)

Rich Jesse                           System/Database Administrator              Quad/Tech International, Sussex, WI USA

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> From: Johnson, Michael []
> Sent: Tuesday, July 16, 2002 6:03 PM
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> I would add to this ......
> In a free market system nobody should
> look at the negative side when people make
> money off of their hard work or investments.
> This is the way it is set up.
> Why not say "damn, how did he do
> it and where do I get in line to get
> some of that action ?"
> I always find it interesting the envy and/or
> disgust that some folks have toward people
> who make alot of money.
> Think of all the middle class people
> Larry Ellison and crew put to work who
> bought homes and cars to drive our economy.
> I didnt care for any of Larry and Scotts
> bitchin and moanin about Microsoft and
> Bill Gates, but I say to Larry .. "More power
> to you to make more money, keep gettin richer
> and help build our economy. Keep on truckin !"
> Mike

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