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Re: (Fwd/2)

From: Tim Gorman <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 12:33:28 -0800
Message-ID: <>

>> Certainly. I'm waiting for people to present more factual information.
>> (Maybe Larry needed some petty cash for a new boat or something?)

As the story was related to me, Ellison has been living off of loans (from banks, not Oracle) for the past couple decades. His alleged reasoning was that his stocks would appreciate far faster than the interest of the loans, thus making it more economical to borrow than to sell. Obviously, with such a plan, you have to pay off sometime, and in 2000 one (or more) of his lenders called in his loans for payment. Again, this is just hearsay, but that's what I've heard..., in essence, he sold stock because he had (large unexpected) debts to pay. The timing of the stock sale wasn't his, it was some banker's...

>> Instead, what you see is people defending the social privileges of the
>> wealthy technocorporate elites, and the ethos of sleaze, extreme greed
>> selfishness that they are mired in.

Oh, you do yourself far too much justice! My own objection was your prolonged and uninformed vitriol lacking anything more than a politician's media release for substantiation. Go measure some cache-hit ratios, please...

>> Do you know if Oracle's accounting practices are currently documented in
>> way that is transparent to investors?

No idea. Not of interest...

>> I guess a lot of alleged "facts" will come out after the august deadline
>> that the SEC has imposed for corporate executives to sign off on the
>> validity of their accounting.

Sure. Whatever. Whaddya say we get back to work and talk techie stuff and quit wasting time on this fluff? <signing off on thread>

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