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Re: Size of Oracle server processes

From: Tim Gorman <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 21:28:19 -0800
Message-ID: <>

This is a pure guess, and I don't have my own OraApps system to check it upon first, so this might be embarrassing, but here goes...

Often I see 2 sessions started for every dedicated server process when Oracle Forms is in use with Oracle Apps, from R10.7 on up. I think the Jinitiator applet is creating the second session associated with the process. To verify this, you could try running the following query and see if it returns two rows instead of one:   select sid, serial#, username, osuser, process

  from       v$session
  where     paddr in (select addr from v$process
                             where spid = <oracleSID-processID>)
Plug in the PID for the server process into "<oracleSID-processID>" where you are seeing the large RSS. If you do get two rows back from the query, then this might be an explanation for the increased size....?

Hope this helps...


  I have a question to ask regarding Oracle server process (oracle<SID>) size. We have just installed Oracle Apps 11i, while monitoring the system using glance, I notice something strange, the oracle server processes - process which has a name oracle<SID> has a very big RSS size in glance, these processes were associated with the f60webmx processes. I was curious about the size of it, normally these processes are about 2-3M big. I did a quick test by logging on to the database using sqlplus and observe the size of the oracle server process, it showed a size of 2M. So why the oracle<SID> processes size is so big where they are assoicated with f60webmx, is it something special about them? Or the RSS size shown in glance is doubling up on something?

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