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Re: iFS

From: Alexandre Gorbatchev <>
Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 06:38:24 -0800
Message-ID: <>

I'm not sure what do you mean by the SQL interface for iFS. Can you elaborate or give some links to resources? afaik, iFS is created to store non-relational data. However, this is mapped to relational schema in DB where iFS stores all the information. There are also some Views created in iFS schema that may be used for SELECTs. Basically, it's possible to make DML on internal tables of iFS, but... guess what... not recommended/supported by Oracle.

Question on another topic about iFS:
Has anybody found the solution to restore a single file in iFS? "Oracle9i Release 2 New Features" document says that it's possible. In fact this is the first new feature in the list of changes for iFS coming with 9iR2. However, the Admin. Guide for iFS doesn't say anything about it. there are the same 3 paragraphs on the matter of Backup/Recovery. (Ahrrr... can you believe it?) I'm going to talk to Oracle support regarding this, but if someone has any info, I would much appreciate it.


  First off - thanks to Chris and Alexandre for their helpful input on the subject of iFS.

  Brief question - does anyone know of the status of SQL as an interface to iFS? I know this has been promised, but whether delivered yet I just don't know...


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    I have spent some time demonstrating and publicising iFS within my part of the business, mainly as a document management system. I have only demonstrated the basic, out-of-the-box product as I have no budget to develop it further. Although it stimulates initial interest among the user community it is often seen as being a bit 'clunky' in comprison to off-the-shelf DMSs. I like the product and the functionality it provides out-of-the-box and am sure that there is a market for it but as mentioned am not in a good position to demo what it is capable of. I have introduced it internally to manage documents centrally and this seems to have gone down well bit I have had to recommend that only the webui is used as there seems to be problems (that neither I nor Oracle have managed to resolve) with the SMB interface when using certain PCs.

    Hope this helps,

    Chris Johnson

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      Has anyone experieince with iFS?  I would much appreciate any (off-line if preferred) comments on user experiece.



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