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Financials Client question

From: Maria Aurora VT de la Vega <>
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 00:18:22 -0800
Message-ID: <>

We have outsourced implementation and setup of a scaled down Oracle Applications 11i (rel 11.5.5) for Suse Linux... I have received a memo from the implementation team's application DBAs and they
have informed me of a certain limitation for the specs of the client PC's.
I was informed that the clients must either be Pentium 3s and below or all Pentium 4s.
Mixed network of Pentium 3 and 4s will not work. I was told it was because of the JInitiator being invoked from the server.

to quote:
"Let us further clarify that, through our proven installation/setup
experience, the Shooman Application works on a network environment of
"mixed" Pentium 3s and earlier computers. As of this writing, we have
to prove that Shooman works properly in a network of Pentium 3 (or older)
workstations mixed with Pentium 4s. However, we have proven that the application works if ALL workstations are Pentium 4s. It therefore follows
that, should you purchase the latest Pentium 4 computers, you must issue

ALL your Shooman users with this model in order for the system to work properly." (Shooman refers to the Oracle Application residing on a server named Shooman)

I am completely ignorant of Oracle Applications as I have 0 experience in managing it.
I'd really appreciate your opinion if we are being fooled or not. I am very concerned about this because as we all know PCs become obsolete in months...
time will come we will have to change PCs...maybe move on to Pentium 5/6...
This can pose a problem for us.

Thanks a lot!

Maria Aurora VT de la Vega OCP
Database Specialist
Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc.

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Author: Maria Aurora VT de la Vega

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