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RE: Standby Database Problem

From: Jack C. Applewhite <>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 06:23:23 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Standby Database ProblemHussain,

As long as none of your datafiles were corrupted by what I assume was the crash of your Standby Instance, you can reinstall 8i and bring up the Standby just as you describe. The datafiles don't care at all where Oracle Home is.

I recently had to reconfigure our Production and Standby database servers to add a global hot spare drive to each. Because of that I had to reinstall 8i and moved Oracle Home on both of them. However, 90% of the datafiles stayed just like they were - a few had to move to a new drive. Both DBs came up just fine and I'm now back in Managed Standby mode.

Of course your Listener.ora will have to reference the new Oracle Home, but since you're reinstalling 8i, I'm guessing you'll create a Listener from scratch anyway.


Jack C. Applewhite
Database Administrator/Developer
OCP Oracle8 DBA
iNetProfit, Inc.
Austin, Texas

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  While trying to install developer6 on our standby database test server (OS NT4, Oracle 8.1.7), I have some how corrupted the 8i, and hence the standby database is not working. Its actually the Oracle Suite tools which are not working. I am going to configure it again, that is install the Oracle8i again. But what I want to know is that do I have to copy the datafiles from the main server again and recreate the control file. Or just reinstall the oracle database, copy the archive redologs, which are missing, apply them and then mount the standby database in recover managed mode with the existing Datafile copies? The reason I am asking this is that the configuration of database is not changed nor the database has been brought from standby to active mode, just registry entries have been changed/deleted becuase of selecting a different home for Developer6 (Thats another problem that after installing Oracle 8i, when u want to install Dev6,it doesn't allow installation in the same Oracle home and neither in a separate home, but if you try it again in a separate home, like I did, it removes the entries of first Oracle home, so no Oracle 8i! ) So in such case WHAT happens to the STAND BY Database???

  Looking forward to your replies


  Hussain Ahmed Qadri
  Database Administrator
  Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre

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