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(Fwd) Re: Please pray for Victims of World Trade Center

From: Eric D. Pierce <>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 11:14:28 -0700
Message-ID: <>

> Hey guys, pls cool down. This is not the time for all racism talks
> !

Why not?

I have a number of very dear Iranian and muslim friends (all of whom have made great contributions to american society), and they don't find racist talk very pleasant.

Encouraging destructive racist and bigoted attitudes towards muslims, or any other people from the middle east, is exactly the kind of gutless and stupid thing that terrorist violence is meant to encourage - so that the sick, dysfunction cycle of despair, hopelessness and violence can live on.

The american people, and their supporters around the world, should think very hard, and very carefully about what makes the USA, and its experiment in democracy, strong.

Moral decadence, materialism, political and social corruption, racism and bigotry are *not* the kinds of characteristics that a just and nobel society requires in order to build a strong foundation for world peace, justice, equality and prosperity.

America, and its libertarian and democratic traditions, are weakened by godlessness, hypocrisy, racism and bigotry.

What allowed the anglo-american system to triumph over the corrupt, oppressive ecclesiastic and aristocratic elites of medieval europe was a vision of a sacred universe in which people were free to develop themselves scientifically, economically and spiritually.

A considerable amount of the knowledge of science that europe developed was imported from muslim libraries via Byzantium and the Maghreb. Most of the great philosophical/scientific and mystical attainments of the jewish, christian and muslim worlds were so intertwined and "cross-fertilized" that it is extremely non-sensicle to try to see them as having purely "native" origins.

It is time for atonement, and for remembering the redemptive american sacred vision, and to move on by embracing the universal and transcendent aspects of human conciousness, and to discard outmoded notions of "progress" (nationalism and socialism).

Now is not the time for cynicism, hopelessness or despair.

Fundamentalism is a dead end, and it will lose support if exposed to the the light of a higher vision of good, beauty and truth.


On 12 Sep 2001, at 15:04, Alan Tan <t-tan_at_NRI.CO.JP> wrote:

Date sent: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 15:04:08 +0800


> Greetings,
> Hey guys, pls cool down. This is not the time for all racism talks !
> My wife & I were watching CNN last nite in Singapore. We felt sad &
> for the people in US. Eventhough we are so far away, we can really feel the
> impact of this whole incident.
> As for those bloodless, senseless terrorists, we must definitely
>find a
> way to condemn & punish them especially the mastermind in this terrorist
> acts !
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> Oh yes, I'm sure that he is very eager to talk with racists and bigots
> that jump to conclusions based on zero evidence.
> On 12 Sep 2001, at 17:52, David Chance wrote:
> Date sent: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 17:52:04 +1200
> From: David Chance <david_chance_at_YAHOO.COM.AU>
> Subject: Re: Please pray for Victims of World Trade Center
> > I'm surprised our "friend from iran" hasn't wrote us on this
> > subject.


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