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RE: More oracle news from the ether - IBMMix reaction

From: Behar, Rivaldi <>
Date: Fri, 04 May 2001 13:48:30 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Where is Ellison ?
What does he react on IBM Informix reaction .....

Oracle DBA

> Subject:  IBM acquisition of Informix - competitor reaction
> Dear Informix Customer,
> You may have noticed some frenzied activity from Oracle recently,
> reacting to the IBM decision to acquire Informix. Oracle clearly is
> acting out of desperation when it tries to panic Informix customers in
> an effort to encourage them to move to the Oracle platform. As we're
> sure you are aware, the information that Oracle is publishing is grossly
> misleading. It has the sole purpose of creating an atmosphere of doubt
> and uncertainty in the minds of satisfied Informix users, where no such
> uncertainty should exist.
> We would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that Informix
> users have absolutely no reason to be concerned about continued support,
> or the quality of that support. Unfortunately, this is one of the areas
> where Oracle is acting unprofessionally and is trying to generate
> confusion. IBM has publicly stated its commitment to maintain and update
> Informix's database products for the foreseeable future. We intend to
> keep our word.
> Other areas where Oracle is seeking to generate confusion are equally
> lacking in merit and deserve clarification: 
> * Claims of superior technology are simply unsupportable --  and
> most analysts will readily agree. 
> * Oracle products are known for their limited scalability - single
> instances of over 1 terabyte are very rare in the Oracle customer base,
> and again the analysts will support this. 
> * There are countless examples of customers who are managing
> Informix and IBM DB2 databases with significantly less resources than
> Oracle users. This makes nonsense of Oracle's claims that they have
> easier management or lower cost of ownership advantages. 
> * Oracle has taken tremendous criticism from their users about
> their power unit pricing. In contrast, both IBM and Informix have
> simpler and lower pricing, and are proven in independent studies to
> deliver lower total cost of ownership than Oracle.
> We have always believed that Informix and IBM offer our customers superb
> products. Individually our technologies are unquestionably superior to
> Oracle's. Collectively, the combination of product and services
> strengths provided by our two companies is outstanding. Together we are
> proud to offer innovative and powerful solutions that can provide
> unparalleled benefits to our users -- while leaving Oracle and its
> misleading and exaggerated claims in the dust.
> As Janet Perna said at the time of the announcement of the acquisition,
> "IBM and Informix are impressive as separate entities, but by joining
> forces we can truly make database history. Together, we have the ability
> to set the information infrastructure standard for the next generation."
> You can be confident that the decision you made to stay with Informix
> and IBM is one you will be proud of for years to come.
> Kind regards
> Janet Perna, General Manager, Data Management Solutions, IBM Corporation
> Jim Foy, President, Informix Software

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4) NEWS: Clouds Over Oracle

Oracle's executive vice president of North American sales, George Roberts, said at a technology conference in San Francisco recently that the sales outlook for Oracle remained cloudy. With the scheduled release of Oracle9i - - the latest database version -- in May, Roberts was optimistic that Oracle's revenues should get a boost.

But analysts have recently raised concerns that Oracle is losing its hold on the database market, particularly to IBM. For more information, go to:

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