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RE: oracle and America

From: Boivin, Patrice J <>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 09:48:58 -0800
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Well, for a while there was Corel LINUX, but Microsoft poured funds into that company so they stopped developing for the LINUX platform.

Now Microsoft is divesting itself of Corel stock, so the company is adrift again, they crippled it.

The CEO Michael Cowpland (a rather eccentric fellow) left the company he founded.

Corel as of this week now says they will go back to their roots, i.e. graphics software. Hum, another company that tried to develop an OS for PCs that got skewered by the big player.

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> I agree with Kimberly, I don't why Canada simply following
> US?? I think
> Canada has every capacity to emerge as powerful nation.
> Simply following
> with out any backbone creates lot of problems in economy and
> society too.
Well said. Who on the list is Canadian? I think our list friends
from the frozen north should get together to develop their own brand of UNIX. You can call it Canux. :)

        Once Canux is written and available for an Intel or Amdahl processor, I promise I'll install it on my PC at home. But please make it "Linux-compatible". Also it should have an install option for french of course. I want to see french man pages.         

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