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RE: OT: this is the last thing we need

From: Steve Orr <>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 12:10:58 -0800
Message-ID: <>

In the light of such shallow drivel, I'm compelled to provide an alternative perspective. :>) I don't have many urgent to do's today so I'll play political pundit and offend many. :>)

Actually, it's well documented that the economic recovery and subsequent boom began during the last 6 months of the Bush Administration but it didn't become apparent in time to secure his re-election. (And there's the Perot factor!) It's generally accepted that the actions and policies of governments and central banks don't begin to take effect for about 18 months- there's considerable lag time. So Slick Willie inherited a robust recovering economy and it took him 8 LONG years before he could leave it in it's current state. To his credit he did help to bring some fiscal discipline into the federal budget. But his initial direction was to greatly expand federal spending and taxation via a socialistic national health care system which was soundly rejected by an overwhelming majority of Americans and which in turn, as a natural reaction, ushered in a Republican majority for the first time in 40 years. After that, and just before his re-election, Slick Willie saw the light. Again to his credit, he moved to the center, co-opted much of the Republican agenda, and true to his nature, took more credit for the results than he rightly deserved. Many of the unwitting public and press have swallowed his political spin without any dispassionate discernment. But the notions about fiscal discipline, balanced budgets, and reducing the size of the federal government were mere platitudes until the "Reagan Revolution." In this light many quip that, despite the one prior and the now current correction, we are now in the 19th year of the Reagan Recovery! Before that was the Jimmy Carter malaise.

So how old is Greenspan?

Hey, it's Friday and I'm finishing lunch!!! :>)

Steve Orr,
Dispassionate Libertarian, Fiscal Conservative, 1776 Liberal, Politically Incorrect Saturday Nite Live Enthusiast. ;-)

The above expressed views do not necessarily reflect those of their author. ;-|

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Clinton was the best president in US history. He is the
one who lead the country towards economic boom after having BUSHY economy! I do not have to approve clinton 100% but thanks to him for his excellent presidency. Larry is a visionary and he knows how to appreciate other talents. I am glad that he invited Ex-President Clinton. For those of you, who wants to change their career please go ahead and try to learn 'BUSHY RDBMS' or wait for eating trashes made by hateful republican congress.


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