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Re:RE: OT: this is the last thing we need

From: <>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 10:31:13 -0800
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OHHH, bad subject matter for mail lists. Politics & Religion should remain prohibited subjects, just because the "FLAME:ON, HIGH" gets set so often. BUT, Was Clinton such a bad president? Well I guess we'll have to leave that to history, cause that's what it is now like it or not. Will George Bush JR be a good or bad president, that's to be seen. Talk is cheap, action is more expensive & can have some very long term consequences. My only dislike of George Bush the senior was that he flubbed the gulf situation. We should have gone on to clobber Sadam while we had the chance & eliminated the mess over there that is now the case. My vote for the worst president remains RayGun. Here was a person who spoke the speak and took the action to overwhelmingly increase the military's spending, but where did it all go? Not to the folks in the trenches that's for sure. We had the worst military pay increases ever. Carter was much more generous. And to add insult to injury the flow of spare parts for existing stuff, fuel, and ammo just about stopped all together. At the same time his "friends" in CA were accumulating billions of $$$ on StarWars research. The guy, & his wife as it turns out, user fortune tellers to make decisions. My GOD, just imagine what would have happen had one of them foreseen the "end of the world". We might have gone there!! At the present moment my only gripe is all of the partisan politics going on. We're all American's first & foremost. I really wish when a politician walked into his/her office, the Congress, or the Supreme Court that they would leave their political party hats outside. We the voters after all voted the individual into his/her office, not the party. I see no reason why we should not disband the national political party mechanisms. No more party committees, no more grand conferences (or whatever they call them), and no more primaries. Let's just have the election, everyone interested in a particular office has their name on the ballot without their party affiliation. He/she with the majority wins, the one who comes in second can take the 'vice' office if there is one. Might make an interesting mix, President Bush with a Vice President Gore!!! Think about it!

Dick Goulet, MSgt, USAF(ret)

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