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RE: Async I/O on Windows

From: yong huang <>
Date: Sat, 03 Feb 2001 22:20:01 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Thanks, Ross,

It may well be as you said, because Oracle Corporation thinks grouping all Oracle "processes" into one OS process makes it run faster on NT. But I'd like to see some kind of official answer from Oracle. Multithreaded Oracle.exe has its own problem. For example, if one thread breaks, the entire process hangs or dies. It probably makes sense to bundle all essential background "processes" into one process because if one of them dies, it's meaningless to have all the others continue running. But server "processes" running on behalf of user programs as well as non-essential Oracle background "processes" are also part of oracle.exe, aren't they? Wouldn't Oracle make a decision to favor stability over performance, in view of the generally accepted instability of NT?

BTW, NT also supports shared memory and of course context switches but may be inferior to the counterparts on UNIX (I don't know).

I made a mistake in my previous message saying "Oracle on NT runs as one thread". I meant "one process".

Yong Huang

you wrote:

Oracle on NT runs as


MULTIPLE THREADS for performance reasons (no more
need for shared memory....context switches are a LOT less expensive, etc.)

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Hi, Mark,

Async I/O is available on Windows, at least NT. It's not an easy topic. If you think you already know enough about operating systems in general, I suggest you read David Solomon's "Inside WindowsNT". For a lab test, launch Performance Monitor on your NT box and look at the counters for Cache.

I'm not sure by "single thread management" whether you mean NT can't have multiple processes or Oracle on NT runs as one thread. The former is obviously wrong. The latter is a design issue inside Oracle Corporation and the question as to why was asked on this forum before without an answer (without an answer I can remember, that is).

Yong Huang

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