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RE: so my boss insists on using oracle on NT sp6

From: Kevin Kostyszyn <>
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 08:44:39 -0500
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        So basically, if your machine (with the database on it) is not connected to the network you can't connect to it's database, but once you put it on the network you can connect to it? That's definately a strange one, when you log on to the machine without logging on to the network are you logging onto the machine or are you logging on to the domain? Also, I thought SP 6 was not supported by Oracele?

        I think I recall having this problem once myself and it was a strange one. But I believe that you could try and increase the timeout in the client sqlnet file, I believe that was one of the solutions I saw on metalink. I give it some more thought, maybe I can help. have a great day
Kevin Kostyszyn
Dulcian, Inc

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Rachel Carmichael wrote:
> Kevin,
> You have the whole thing..... basically what is happening to Joe's boss on
> NT4 sp6 and to me on NT4 sp5 is that we have Oracle installed on our PCs
> when we run the database and listener on the PC without being connected to
> network we can't get a connection to the database -- in sqlplus I get a
> end of file on communication channel and can't connect. If I then log on
> my network, without shutting down the listener or database, and try to
> connect again, I can connect.
> Rachel

does the same thing happen with TWO_TASK set to the local sid in the environemnt? that worked for me at another place, but is was with 7.3.2.

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