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RE: Your opinion please...RBS

From: aaaa wwwwww <>
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 21:43:11 -0800
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Dear Gurus

It is advisable to have more Rollback Segs with lesser size

But too many -- We experienced a funny problem in 7.3.3 that database not opened ora-704 error signalled

What Oracle Support guys opined that some rollback segments in init.ora are non-existant .It is not true

We had 26 RBSs I scaled them down to 16 means 10 of them are offlined

For the past 2 weeks we haven't faced any problem

Of course ! there is no relation - still



On Tue, 12 Dec 2000 10:06:38  
 Koivu, Lisa wrote:

>Yes, the rule of thumb is if you have any waits, you have too few rbs's.
>But more than 26? That's more than I've seen in my tenure as a dba, and
>I've worked on databases and applications larger (and busier) than this.
>My gut feel is that it's harmless to add some more rbs's and increase sizes.
>Aw, what the heck. I already had my death scare for the day and my heart
>just stopped pounding about 10 minutes ago. <whew>
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>Dear Lisa
>I think your problem is having too few rollback segments .
>As you know Oracle shares transactions between rolback segments acc to their
>active transaction count.In your case
>you have only one rollback segment so all transactions must share it. You
>can make it bigger and bigger, but you should
>also think about transaction table of it, there may be congestion on the
>transaction table of rbs.
>Therefore you should create more rbs Oracle says that rbs count should be
>transaction count / 4 but I think because you know your system requirements
>you can calculate as you wish.
>Good luck
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