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RE: OT - RE: X$Tables Info : Attention - Jared

From: Eric D. Pierce <>
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 13:57:24 -0800
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"'Freedom' is a highly charged concept in the modern West, having many uses, all controversial (and notice that it's one of the West's most touted exports in a neo-colonial world). It's understandable that an untiring scholar of slavery, the Jamaican sociologist Orlando Patterson, has gone on to write about how 'freedom' is used in the West, and how it got that way. He makes the critical point that our modern notion of freedom arose in a world where slavery was widespread, so that slavery always provided an image of what freedom wasn't [1991 Freedom]. In the West (but not everywhere else) 'freedom' became the opposite of 'slavery'. "


10. Orlando Patterson 1982 [_]Slavery and Social Death[_]. 

[  ]

Patterson's book is the most important recent attempt to provide a 
comprehensive study
of world slavery, and so his surprising "preliminary definition" 
deserves thoughtful attention. Initially, it seems cryptic, but it 
isn't: think about it. 
    ["]...a preliminary definition of slavery on the level of 
personal relations: slavery is the permanent, violent domination of
natally alienated and generally dishonored persons. ["]


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> did you know that there is a country in Europe somewhere, I am afraid I
> don't remember the name or exact location, but it is actually inside of
> another country. Not to mention that the entire country is actually only a
> coupld of square blocks and consists of a couple of buildings. I bet you
> they have never had a war, what would anyone want from them. Just thought
> that was kind of funny.
> Kev
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> ALL nations are countries of immigrants. Go back far enough, and there is
> sure to be warfare, natural disaster, migration, expansion, etc. in every
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