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Re: Hot I off base??

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Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 13:19:23 -0400
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If there is room cover all bases and have as many variations on backup of data as you need
then do it. It is easier to cut back than to try to elbow your way in later.

I try to

     export either schema or full database
     execute a hot backup
     backup the datafiles to DLT

On a UNIX file system (without RAID) the disks have actually 95% of the disk available to use
(this is the short explanation of what formatting and mkfs is doing) We see the numbers offset by 5% so if it is 100% full it is actually 95% full.

 The only issue I could see with more than one backup affecting housekeeping is that the disk is at 80 or more % capacity and if more was placed on it that would degrade disk write/read performance.

Otherwise it is just an aesthetic dilemma.

My concern would be if the backup fails but the hotbackup is deleted anyhoo. Then what a dilemma unless the one process won't kick off without the others check of success in the backup log.

Good luck.


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I am writing Korn shell scripts to create nightly hot backups on UNIX (SUN Solaris.)

Another "DBA" (ex-System Admin I might add) recommends 1. making a hot backup of the database, 2. make a system backup, 3. then DELETE the hot backup we just created relying only on the system backup with a verify option. He say this is good for housekeeping on the system.

I highly opposed this scenario. There is plenty of space available on the system for the backup files so that is not an issue. I'd rather have both.. the system backup and the hot backup on disk drives.

Am I off my rocker not to rely solely on the system backup?

Would any of you use this strategy in production???

Thanks in advance!
Valerie H. Webber
Management Systems Designers, Inc Received on Fri Aug 04 2000 - 12:19:23 CDT

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