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RE: [RE: Oracle 8i]

From: Deshpande, Kirti <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 12:09:09 -0500
Message-Id: <>

A casual search on Metalink (for MTSYS) found this following interesting thread..... Hope you find in this, some of what you were looking for. One can never underestimate the power of searching Metalink ;-) - Kirti

 From: Bill Magaliff 07-Jun-00 15:58
 Subject: Deleted 8i Schemas

 RDBMS Version: 8.1.5
 Operating System and Version: NT40 SP5
 Error Number (if applicable):
 Product (i.e. SQL*Loader, Import, etc.):  Product Version:

 Deleted 8i Schemas

 Not knowing what these schemas were, I deleted them (after exporting them):

 OUTLN  I since found out that I need OUTLN (got an error message in SQL*PLUS when running an anonymous block). Can
 someone tell me what each of these are, if they're required and what they're required for? Also, I need to restore at least  the OUTLN schema - know the default/temporary tablespaces are SYSTEM - is there a default login? what roles/privs does  it need? Was thinking to recreate the user and then import from the dump file . . . is that the best way, or are there scripts  that recreate these?


 From: bob neville 08-Jun-00 12:21
 Subject: Re : Deleted 8i Schemas


 I can't tell you exactly what each schema is for - I will leave that to Oracle, but I can tell you where the scripts are that  contain the create user etc etc.
 All are in your ORACLE_HOME in the following directories

 MTSSYS rdbms\admin\oramts.sql (this is for MTS use)  CTXSYS ctx\admin\dr0csys.sql (this is for intermedia)  MDSYS,ORDPLUGINS,ORDSYS ord\admin\ordisys.sql (for intermedia)  OUTLN rdbms\admin\sql.bsq (for sql execution plans)



 From: Oracle, Helen Schoone 08-Jun-00 14:15  Subject: Re : Deleted 8i Schemas

 Hi. It is not recommended to delete Oracle-generated schemas without knowing their purpose. I think Bob has pretty  much covered it. CTXSYS is the primary schema for interMedia. MDSYS, ORDSYS, and ORDPLUGINS are schemas required when installing any of the cartridges. MTSSYS is required for the Oracle Service for MTS and is specific to NT. OUTLN is an integral part of the database required for the plan stability feature in Oracle8i.

 While the interMedia and cartridge schemas can be recreated by running their associated scripts as needed, I am not 100%  on the steps associated with the MTSSYS user. I recommend you post to the Microsoft Servers and Utilities forum for that  user.

 Unfortunately, the OUTLN user is created at database creation time when sql.bsq is run. The OUTLN user owns the
 package OUTLN_PKG which is used to manage stored outlines and their outline categories. There are other tables (base  tables), indexes, grants, and synonyms related to this package.

 Unfortunately, it is not supported to drop and recreate this user on the fly. I have to recommend that you log an iTAR or  TAR with your local support center for further assistence on this issue.

 Oracle Server EE Analyst

 From: Bill Magaliff 08-Jun-00 15:12
 Subject: Re : Deleted 8i Schemas

 Had I realized they were Oracle-generated schemas I would not have deleted them. In the interim I did find a script to  recreate the OUTLN schema (the most pressing since my PL/SQL was crapping out without it) . . . the script is
 C0800050.SQL and it seems to have done the trick.

 Since I'm not running any cartridges I'll assume/hope that the others aren't necessary at this point, so I won't look to  recreate them.

 Thanks to both of you.

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> To: Ashish Shah; Manoj Gouda; dbalist; lazydba
> Subject: Re: [RE: Oracle 8i]
> If i remember correctly , kevin loney wrote article on oracle magazine.
> He
> mentioned which user can be dropped.
> Check it out
> JIgnesh
> Ashish Shah <> wrote:
> I know that.. but what are these users for??
> Do we need them ? of-couse we need sys,system..
> Thanks.
> --- Manoj Gouda <> wrote:
> > Hi Ashish,
> > Below is the list of users that gets created by
> > default while creating the
> > default database in Oracle 8i.
> >
> > SYS
> > DEMO
> >
> > Regards
> > Manoj (MA, USA)
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